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Video: Harry Maguire accepts Ghanaian MP Isaac Adongo’s apology

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has accepted the apology of Ghanaian MP, Isaac Adongo. It should be recalled that Adongo an Opposition MP ridiculed the economic minister of his country as he compared him to the English defender.

Adongo in his outburst said that Magure was a horrible defender scoring own goals. In fact the opponents of the Red Devils always relied on the 29 year old to score for them.

And this is just what the economic minister in Ghana was doing. Failing the country’s economy with his own poor policies. However in a parliamentary session yesterday, Isaac Adongo apologized to Harry Maguire.

He said that the former Leicester defender is now a transformation for the club. He scores goals for Erik Ten Hag’s side and actually, the club relies on him so much.

However, the same couldn’t be said about their economic Maguire minister who has continued to be awful. The former Man U captain saw this apology on X and replied that the apology was accepted.

Besides, he invited the MP to Old Trafford for one of the games the club will be playing. He wrote “MP Issac Adongo apology accepted . See you at Old Trafford soon.”

Apparently Harry Maguire will be expecting to continue on his fine form and prove more Isaac Adongos wrong as the Premier League returns to action. Man U will play Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday.

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