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Reece James Reveals How Hamstring Injury Has Devastated Him

Reece James Reveals How Hamstring Injury Has Devastated Him . Chelsea captain Reece James has come out to reveal how his recurrent Hamstring Injury has devastated him.

Talking about it, he said that the procedure to figure out the problem took longer than expected this time round. Apparently, he had a surgery yesterday to fix the recurrent injury. And added that the road to recovery both physically and mentally has begun.

Additionally, the English international said that he has received enormous support as well as hate and criticism. However, he doesn’t always want to be injured and is the happiest when playing football.

“The footballing world knew I got injured but the procedure I’d go down this time took slightly longer to figure out the best solution”.

“I had surgery today to try fix my reoccurring hamstring issue, the recovery has started, both physically and mentally”.

The footballer picked up a third hamstring Injury in under 12 months during Chelsea’s 2-0 defeat to Everton this month.

Despite being a potentially good left back and one of the best in the world when fully fit, his injury woes habe prevented him from showing his talent. Additionally he missed a large part of last season due to injury. It was the same injury that prevented the 24 year old from representing England at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Reece James Reveals How Hamstring Injury Has Devastated Him.

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