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FORTEBET decrates Jinja, Kiyindi, Mbikko with amazing freebies

It was again a wonderful moment as ForteBet did one of the things it does best; rewarding its clients with amazing gifts.
This time, ForteBet team, led by the company Brand Ambassador, Alex Muhangi and the media manager, John Nanyumba decided to colour some areas of Kiyindi, Jinja, Mbikko and Nakibizzi with lots of the usual freebies like smart phones, jerseys, T-shirts, and caps among others.
“Thank you so much our dear punters for making ForteBet this big. There is no doubt that we are the number one betting centre because of you. These gifts are just a small token of appreciation to you,” Muhangi said while gifting punters at Jinja main branch.
In total, over 1,000 people received ForteBet gifts.

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