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Roy Keane proves Theo Walcott wrong after City-Arsenal clash

Roy Keane had predicted that Arsenal would lose to Manchester City in the crucial title match on Sunday, ending in a depressing 0-0 stalemate between the two teams.

Even though they were only one point clear of the defending champions, the Gunners led the Premier League going into Easter, ahead Manchester City and Liverpool.

However, Liverpool leads the standings going into the next game day. This is after defeating Brighton. And seeing their two title rivals settle for a point apiece at the Etihad Stadium.

When Keane stated before the game that he didn’t think Arsenal would win at the Etihad, Theo Walcott had a different opinion. However, Keane was ultimately shown to be correct.

Apparently, the Irishman said that:- “I am not on the fence. Just I don’t see Arsenal winning here today, I don’t. I just can’t see it. I probably lack that belief that Arsenal can come and win here. It’s as simple as that.”

“We reflect on what happened last season but they are a stronger squad now. They are a better squad, physically more able to deal with the challenges ahead. But there is still that doubt with Arsenal, I suppose that mental side of it, can they come here and perform and can they beat Man City? The answer for me is still no, but it doesn’t mean to say they are not capable of doing it, it is just do they have that belief they can come and beat City? City here, I’d never bet against them.” added Roy Keane.

Walcott, on the other hand, held a different perspective. He claimed that Arsenal’s performance this year showed they could defeat the champs at home. To make his case. He emphasized the distinctions between the team from this season and the one from the previous one.

According to Walcott:- “I am not someone who really looks at the stats side of things. I think Mikel, as well as a team, wouldn’t really look at that. I just think they look at the strengths they have actually performed at this season, particularly in the Champions League as well, they have that distraction which is very different to last year.

“But I do believe that they can get something positive today, I really do. I think they will be able to…especially set-pieces. I know City are really strong at set-pieces not really conceding too many. But that is where Arsenal are very strong.”

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