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June best performers win big as Lifetime achievers award returns to Fortebet Real stars Monthly awards.

On back of great sports month of June, Real stars sports agency, Fortebet Uganda and Jude colour solutions continued their combined appreciative hand to outstanding performers.

In total there was 5  winners with the Lifetime achievers legendary awards making the much recognition with its return.

The award which was last given out last year, on its return it has been rewarded to Masaza cup excellent leader Mukwenda Godfrey Mbalire.

Having started his services towards the sports industry in early 2000s, His most recognition came from 2006 when he go to  Ssingo Ssaza football management.

Serving 8n a roll of Secretary, and treasurer to the Ssaza team chairmanship and letter was recognised by the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi who appointed him as the Masaza cup organising committee.

During his term he pioneered the Idea for Singo Ssaza to build the Ssingo Ssaza ground, leading the organisation of Masaza cup turning point final in 2012.

Having his top leading post in 2013, since then He has been a laying wall for the Masaza cup tournament handing helps to different teams.

For Ssingo Ssaza, the prominent never stopped his services, it is where He adds other team and in recent years Buddu taking the lion’s share of his efforts.

The man who help Ssingo to clinch their first Masaza cup trophy in 2015 by smashing Buddy in the final played at Namboole stadium received the award on a joyful note “Its pleasure for me being recognised honestly Real Star Sports agency you look from far,  I take it but I have to thank the Kabaka of Buganda for the opportunity he gave to me, If not that opportunity you wouldn’t see me as some deserves this recognition”.

At the awarding event held at Lazo Restaurant in Kololo on 2 July 2024, Performing sports men where also given appreciative hand.
In football National team’s Ellio Capradossi got the award beating Kampala City’s Paul Lule and Newly Promoted Ntungasaazi’s forward Ronald Kaye.

In Boxing the winner was Joshua Nyanzi, Junior Gazelles Maxine Modesta Anyongo won the Basketball award while retiring cricket national team Brian Masaba also got appreciate for his performance which guided the Cricket cranes  securing a first win at the first tournament.

The awards are organised by Real Star Sports agency led by Aspiring Member of Perliament Buikwe South Isaac Mukasa as the awards receiving sponsorship hand from Fortebet Uganda and Jude Colour solutions.

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