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Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Selfish Player- Rafael Leao

Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Selfish Player. AC Milan and Portuguese winger Rafael Leao has branded his national team captain, Cristiano Ronaldo as a very selfish player. Asked about who his idol is, Leap mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo.

Additionally and controversially, the 23 year old said that he knows he can get to the 38 year old’s levels. However, he’s not much of a selfish player. He went ahead to say that he can rake in goals but he always prefers passing the ball to his teammates.

Furthermore, the entertaining winger said that Mbappe, Ronaldo and Halaand all play at a high level. Their numbers speak for themselves. He definitely knows that it’s these numbers that make the difference.

And if he decided to become a selfish player, he would undoubtedly hit them.

“My idol? Cristiano Ronaldo. I can get to his levels, but I’m not a selfish player.”

“I can score goals, but if I have a partner I’ll pass it on to him. Numbers make the difference. Mbapp√©, Ronaldo, Haaland are at a high level, the numbers speak for them. If I become selfish I will reach those levels.”

Apparently Ronaldo has over the years been branded a very selfish player. His incredible goal scoring record can partly be alluded to his selfishness on the pitch.

It’s very difficult for the 38 year old to pass the ball when he’s in front of goal. However, despite all this Ronaldo has a high number of assists. Currently, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker has 268 assists. Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Selfish Player

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